Friday, December 12, 2014

Response to Tumblr Ask on 9-12-14

Do you oppose research for cure for autism? Or do you prefer to see kids being dysfunctional and unable to communicate?

— Asked by Anonymous

What is, exactly, your idea of functional? “Functioning” is a very, very arbitrary word that has been used to dehumanize us (and other disabled people) since its creation. Is this a quality of life judgment, where you’re going to tell us how much we suffer and that our lives must not be worth living if we’re Autistic, so cure us?

What is, exactly, your idea of communication? Because verbal speech is too emphasized in this society. It’s not the only way. Behavior is communication. I know people who have entire conversations without talking or typing.

Do you support the idea of curing children who haven’t had a chance to even figure out what their neurology even is, who may not have had a chance to escape the toxicity of the world around them that tells them their neurology is wrong to the point where they don’t know how to think otherwise?

Do you oppose the voices of Autistic people (those of us who talk with spoken words, those of us who don’t, the ones you say who wouldn’t be able to communicate, but are communicating right in front of you, via typing, text to speech, AAC, and behavior)?

Your ask is incredibly dehumanizing. Real question: Do you oppose us being humanized?

(Short answer: Yes, I oppose cure research.)

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